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The Anode Rod: A Mysterious but Necessary Water Heater Component

Monday, May 28th, 2018

water heater tankOne of the most important plumbing components in your home is one that you likely don’t think about very often—your water heater. This system provides safe, hot water for cooking, cleaning, bathing, and more. Most water heaters do their jobs reliably and quietly, but when problems do crop up they can do so without you noticing. And by the time you notice something is amiss, the problem can progress to the point that your water heater will need replacement.

This is why maintenance is so important. And there is one part of professional water heater maintenance that is especially vital to the functionality of your water heater—checking the anode rod. Not very many people know about this component. It prevents rust in your water heater’s tank, and to do so effectively it needs to be replaced every two to three years by professional Littleton, CO plumbers. Otherwise, your water heater can absolutely require premature replacement.

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How Professional Plumbers Clear Drain Clogs

Friday, September 12th, 2014

Despite commercials and advertisements that indicate liquid drain cleaners eliminate drain clogs, licensed plumbers will tell you otherwise. Professional plumbers do not recommend these toxic products to homeowners because they are generally unsafe, and because they simply do not work in most cases. Instead, professional plumbers have the right tools and expertise to locate and remove all sources of clogging. Here is the process many plumbers in Denver use to extract blockage.

Finding the Source

First, the plumber will assess the location of the clog. If slow drains are confined to a bathroom, there is probably no major blockage in the main sewer line that leads to your home, and a plumber knows to address the biggest problem area first. The type of tool a plumber uses also depends on what type of blockage is clogging your drains. Common sources of clogs such as hair, tough buildups of mineral deposits, or even tree limbs in the sewer line may all require different equipment.

Hydro Jetting and Drain Snakes

Some of the most common tools plumbers are equipped with include hydro jetting technology and drain snakes. Electric drain snakes or hand augers can be used to reach into pipes and pull out debris through the drains or to break up clogs so they can move down the pipes. A drain snake may be either hand-operated or motorized, and can reach clogs that are too far away for a plunger to reach. Hydro jetting utilizes a pressurized water source that blasts the pipes with water so that the insides are clear of any blockage. This may even work on tough mineral buildup that forms from hard water.

Video Pipe Inspection

Finally, a technician will check your pipes to ensure that no further blockage remains. Usually, this means inspecting the pipes with a small camera. As a fiber optic cable moves through the pipes, the technician views the video feed to check for additional problems.

Looking for professional plumbers in Denver? The experts at APC Plumbing & Heating show up with the right tools to inspect and clear your pipes. For dependable plumbing service from a trained technician, give us a call!

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