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“Why Is My Heat Pump Blowing Cold Air?”

cute-dog-under-blanketsWinter is just about coming to a close, but we still have plenty of colder temperatures ahead. The last thing you need right now is for your heating system to give up on you and breakdown. If you’re using a heat pump to warm your home this winter, this means your system is relying on heat from the outdoors to do its job.

This is a reliable system, but it can run into problems just like any other home comfort system—one of the more frustrating being a heat pump that’s blowing cold air during the wrong time of the year! Fortunately, you can turn to us for reliable Denver heat pump services. In the meantime, we’d like to let you know what’s going on when this occurs, as well as other troubles you may run into if your heat pump isn’t well-maintained.

Cool Air in the Winter?

Understandably, the last thing you want your heat pump to do in the dead of winter is to blow out cold air. When this happens, you should first check to be sure that it didn’t accidentally get set to “cooling” mode. If you’ve checked your thermostat and it is on the correct setting, then the problem might be with your refrigerant levels.

If you have a refrigerant leak, it will significantly impair how your heat pump operates. A refrigerant leak must be located, refrigerant refilled (what we call recharged) and patched up so you never lose refrigerant again. After all, your heat pump is supplied with enough refrigerant upon installation that it should last throughout the system’s lifespan!

Other Heat Pump Problems

We don’t mean to scare you, if you have a heat pump, but these are some other common problems you can run into as winter comes to a close, if your heat pump is not adequately tune-up by a professional twice a year.

Failure to Defrost

It’s perfectly normal for a light layer of frost to appear on the coils of your heat pump during cold weather. When a heat pump is operating as it should, it will switch into defrost mode itself and melt this ice that’s forming. But if the defrost function fails for some reason, and ice is allowed to develop, then you could start experiencing serious operational problems with your heat pump. Please do not try to remove or defrost the ice on your own—give our team a call so we can conduct proper repairs and get your system back up and running as it should be.

Inability to Turn On

This is certainly a problem! In some cases, however, it may be something minor like a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Check this first, replacing the fuse or resetting the breaker. If this doesn’t do the trick though, reach out to our team.

Draining Problems

If your heat pump ever appears to be leaking or dripping, it’s an indication that there is a draining issue. This happens when a heat pump is grounded on an unsteady surface, it’s been submerged in snow, or it was exposed to heavy amounts of rainwater. Not only will you need to call in a pro for repairs, but it’s a good idea to allow our team to offer solutions so this doesn’t happen again.

Reach out to Aurora Plumbing Company for reliable heating services. We have someone in your neighborhood today!

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