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Enjoy Better Comfort from a Modulating Furnace

The invention of the furnace long ago was one of the most important developments in home comfort technology. But the technology only continues to improve with each passing year. One of the newest advancements is the availability of modulating furnaces for home use. Installing a modulating furnace can make the winters easier to get through, and you and your family members are likely to notice a major difference if you are replacing an older unit.

What Is It?

Generally, a furnace runs only when heat is needed. The temperature in the home drops below the set point on the thermostat, and the furnace runs until the temperature rises to a comfortable level. It cycles on and off as needed to stay above the minimum acceptable temperature on the thermostat.

But this can lead to dramatic changes in the temperature throughout the day and night, as well as hot or cold spots around the room. A modulating furnace actually adjusts the size of the flame, ensuring that heat fills the room and that the temperature is never about 1 or 2 degrees away from the thermostat setting.


The main benefit of upgrading to a modulating gas furnace is comfort. A modulating furnace provides greater accuracy of temperatures, and fewer hot or cold spots around the room. The fan also adjusts to a lower setting, and you are less likely to feel disrupted as the noise level is much lower.


An added benefit of owning a modulating furnace is high energy efficiency. Any upgrade to a furnace with a high AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating will provide you with energy savings. Modulating furnaces have high efficiency ratings, due in part to the ability to keep you warm without running the fan at a high setting.

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