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What Is the Purpose of a Grease Trap?

F.O.G. is a plumbing term which signals trouble to plumbers. Plumbers know that fats, oils, and grease (F.O.G.) can do some major damage to a plumbing system, which is why some commercial plumbing specialists offer commercial grease trap installation. These substances can easily turn into solids and clog up a plumbing system, and in a commercial kitchen, a lot of grease can go down a drain in the course of a day. That’s why most municipalities have a minimum allowance of grease that can leave an establishment.

In your own home, F.O.G. certainly enters the drain at some point (though it’s recommended that you dispose of these in a separate trash container, when possible), but not enough to do too much harm over a short period of time. In a commercial kitchen, the grease output is much higher, and you cannot really regulate how much goes into the drain. Grease traps allow F.O.G. to cool so that it can solidify away from the pipes and remain in the trap in coagulated form until the trap is cleaned out.

Business regulations require a grease trap in many commercial applications, mainly in commercial kitchens. Grease can gather in the sewer main and create clogs, leading to backups in the public sewer system, which could present a major public health hazard. Cleaning and repairing this mess costs the city a lot of money, so if your business is found to be responsible for this backup, you will receive a hefty fine. Grease trap regulations ensure the city does not have to deal with such problems often, protecting your business and the safety of the people in your town.

It’s always best to let a professional plumber experienced with commercial equipment install and maintain your grease trap. It’s necessary to clean out the grease trap from time to time, and the laws in your area may have specific regulations about this process. While you or your kitchen staff may be able to clean out a smaller grease trap on your own, you may need to hire service technicians to haul your grease away, particularly for a larger trap.

To learn more about grease trap regulations or to schedule grease trap installation and maintenance in Denver, CO, call the experts at APC Plumbing & Heating today!

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