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Exploring How UV Light Can Actually Be Good for You

Monday, April 17th, 2017

uv-lights-good-howWe know—science has been telling us for years that UV radiation is bad for us—after all that’s why we wear sunscreen when we’re going to be outdoors for too long, right? Even in the wintertime if we’re out skiing, we’re told to protect ourselves from the sun with special UV glasses and gear.

So, you might be surprised to find that UV light rays can actually be good for your Highlands Ranch, CO indoor air quality. Subsequently, UV light can be good for the health of you and your family.

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Should You Have an Air Purifier Installed this Summer?

Monday, July 18th, 2016

When it comes to summers in Colorado, the top priority for most homeowners is staying cool. However, this shouldn’t be the only priority you have this season. There are a number of other factors that contribute to your overall indoor comfort—one of which is indoor air quality. Keep reading to learn more about your indoor air quality and how an air purifier can help improve it.

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How Air Purifiers Clean Your Home’s Indoor Air

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

The interior air of homes can accumulate a much larger amount of airborne contamination than the outdoor air. The air that circulates through the closed system of a home will continue to pick up dirt, dander, lint, dust from the interior, as well as chemicals, smoke, and odor molecules. To combat these problems, you should consider contacting indoor air quality experts and see what sort of installations will help you clean your air while maintaining the energy efficiency of the HVAC system.

One option available is an electronic air purifier, also known as an electronic air cleaner. APC Plumbing & Heating can help you locate and install an air purifier in Littleton, CO that will do a superb job of giving your whole household healthier air. We offer other IAQ installations as well, so if an electronic air purifier isn’t the optimal choice, we can also install air filtration systems and UV air purifiers. Just give us a call today to get started.

How air purifiers work

Electronic air purifiers do not use filtration to eliminate pollutants from the air, but instead use ionization that changes the charge of the particles passing through the HVAC system. The standard electronic air purifier uses a method called corona discharge, which creates an intense electrical field through which the air in the ducts must pass. The ion molecules in this field are drawn toward the large particles in the air—the contaminants—causing them to gain a negative charge. The particles may also lose an electron to the ionization field, gaining a positive charge.

These charged particles are then attracted to any object that has the opposite charge. The air purifier is equipped with two metal plates, one with a negative charge and one with a positive charge, and these pull down the ionized contaminants and trap them. The charged particles will also attract each other, forming into larger clumps that will naturally settle out of the air.

Air purifiers can target much smaller contaminants than standard air filters, down to 0.1 micron or less, and this makes them effective at removing chemicals and odor molecules that would otherwise escape through a mechanical filter. An indoor air quality professional can help you determine if an electronic air purifier is the right kind of system to eliminate the pollutants circulating through your home.

Our team at APC Plumbing & Heating is glad to assist you with achieving better indoor air quality for your home with installation of an air purifier in Littleton, CO. Call us today to arrange an appointment to find out what services your home may need for the best air quality possible.

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Why Do I Need a Humidifier in Colorado?

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Our average humidity levels in Denver, CO stay pretty low. This can be a good thing, especially during the summer months, but when humidity goes too low, it can be uncomfortable and at its worse, cause damage. Room humidifiers can add some moisture to dry air, but a more effective approach is a whole-home humidifier.

How Does a Humidifier Work?

A whole-home humidifier is installed directly onto your heating and cooling system and adds moisture into the air. You can set the exact level of humidity you want, giving you excellent control over the comfort level in your home. The moisture can be added in a few ways, depending on what type of humidifier you choose from APC Plumbing & Heating.

What Are the Benefits of a Humidifier?

Whole-home humidifiers can offer you several benefits:

  • Retention of air temperature – having the correct amount of moisture in the air helps keep it comfortable, particularly during the winter months. Dry air will always feel cooler because humidity holds heat. This may be great in the summer, but not so much during winter.
  • Energy efficiency – because humidity holds heat and makes the air feel warmer, you may be able to lower your thermostat a couple of degrees during the winter. According to the EPA, you can save up to 4% per year on your heating bill for every degree you lower your thermostat.
  • Good for wood products and furnishings – furniture, your walls, cabinets and wood flooring can crack, shrink and splinter from lack of moisture; wall and ceiling paint can crack and peel, too. By keeping the right amount of humidity in the air, you can sustain the life of your wood products and furnishings and your painted surfaces.
  • Better health – dry air can contribute to illness and allergy attacks by drying out the mucous membranes of your body. It is not uncommon for people to suffer from nose bleeds, dry skin, itchy eyes and frequent colds due to a lack of humidity.

Keep Your Air Healthy with a Humidifier

Since 1984, APC Plumbing & Heating has helped numerous customers in Denver, CO increase the quality of their indoor air. If you are seeing evidence that the humidity in your home is too low, call us today and schedule an appointment to discuss how a whole-home humidifier might help you.

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