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This AC Service Will Ensure Reliable Service This Summer!

two-techs-working-on-ac-unitSummer is just around the corner, and with the change in seasons comes much warmer temperatures. Is your air conditioner ready? If not, or if you’re unsure, then it’s time to schedule professional AC maintenance.

We get it, maintenance isn’t one of those things you jump at the chance to schedule. Unless something is drastically wrong with your air conditioner right now, why would you want to pay for a professional to come out? Well, because maintenance is preventative. It helps you avoid many of the AC mishaps that can occur due to old age and lack of care. Read on as we uncover the importance of professional AC maintenance.

Annual Preventative Maintenance

Professional AC maintenance is something you should invest in once a year—although if you have a year-round heat pump system that you use for both heating and cooling, then this should be bumped up to twice a year.

As for the time of year, right now is generally the time we recommend you have it done, if not sooner. It gives you plenty of time to get a hold of our professionals and schedule a tune-up at a time that’s most convenient for you. If you wait until the middle of summer, you risk professionals being out on emergency service calls, and you’re more likely to experience a cooling system breakdown yourself.

But what matters the most here is how frequently you have maintenance done, no matter the time of year. We absolutely recommend that you stick to the 1-year schedule (or twice a year schedule for a heat pump) that we just mentioned. Why?

We Have Variable Weather

It would be great if we lived somewhere that we could count on it being consistently hot from June to August, mild from September to December, and so on. Unfortunately, things are not that simple when it comes to Mother Nature.

We have variable weather, which means we could be hit with a heatwave at any time during the year. This means your air conditioner always has to be ready to go. So if you go two years without maintenance, you may discover your AC system struggling the next time you need it the most.

You Reduce Your Energy Costs

In general, each year that your air conditioning system goes without maintenance, it loses about 5% of its efficiency. This drop-off gets steeper over time. You will find yourself paying more for the times that your air conditioner is running longer than it should have to otherwise, because it is struggling to perform.

You’ll Prevent Unnecessary Repairs and Sudden AC Breakdowns

When you have maintenance done on a routine basis, it gives our technicians the opportunity to thoroughly inspect, clean, and adjust the components that need it. When we inspect the system, this means we can alert you to any repair needs that may crop up, so you can get them on your schedule right away, before they have the chance to grow into an emergency or a complete system breakdown.

To schedule your next air conditioning maintenance appointment, contact Aurora Plumbing Company today.

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