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The 3 Steps of a Successful AC Installation

technician-working-on-air-conditionerIf you’ve come upon this blog post when you’re in dire need of a new air conditioner, then we understand the sense of urgency involved. The thing about it is, however, that many homeowners are in a rush to quickly get a new system in their home, so they opt for whatever system they can afford and try to install it themselves. Or, outside circumstances lead them to think it’ll just be more convenient to do it all themselves.

We really have to encourage you to reconsider this approach. There is a lot of work that goes into every air conditioning installation job we do, and plenty of reasons to trust a professional for the job. Keep reading as we uncover the 3 steps our technicians take in order to achieve a successful AC installation.

Step #1: Taking Out the Old Air Conditioner

This sounds like a simple enough step, right? However, you may be unpleasantly surprised to learn that this is actually the most laborious part of the job. In many cases, it’s also the lengthiest part of the job too. There’s more that goes into this step than simply pulling the old unit out. Careful attention should be given so that nothing is knocked out of place or damaged.

In addition, our techs will need to make sure that the new system is appropriately sized for the space that it’s to be installed in. We don’t just mean that it should be able to slide into place—but it also shouldn’t be underpowered or overpowered—in other words, it can’t be too small or too big. This requires a careful calculation known as a cooling load calculation—otherwise, you’ll be stuck with an inefficient and subsequently expensive air conditioning system.

Step #2: Making the Connections

Once your new air conditioner is installed, and usually this means bolting it to the ground as well, our technicians will connect the unit to the components needed for operation. This includes your ductwork system—the ventilation system. The air ducts need to be hooked up correctly in order to avoid damage. Ductwork often needs to be adjusted and shifted during this process, and mistakes can happen as a result.

Next, our pros will hook up your air conditioner to its power source. For an air conditioner, this always means your electrical system. It bears mentioning that if you’re having a new heater installed and it’s connected to gas lines, that only a licensed professional can work with the system.

Step #3: Testing the System

Could we even call ourselves air conditioning professionals if we didn’t test your new system to ensure it works as it should? If we left your home after making the last connection without turning the system on and measuring the output, we could be leaving you with an inefficient system—in other words, the job wouldn’t be complete. An amateur simply can’t promise you a job well done, but we can!

For a successful air conditioning installation, contact Aurora Plumbing Company. We have someone in your neighborhood today!

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