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It’s Time to Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance

Monday, April 27th, 2015

The days are warming up, but it’s tough to remember to think about your air conditioning system when it’s still sweater weather. Is your AC prepared? Your air conditioner develops some wear and tear each year, and dirt and debris can build up after a winter without use. By the time you turn your unit on this season, it may not run as smoothly as it did at the beginning of last summer, which could lead to high energy bills and potential repairs later on.

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Plumbing Installations to Make Your Life Easier

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Is it time for a plumbing upgrade? You may have everything you need to bring water into the home, but if you’re missing any of these optional upgrades (or necessities, in some cases), your plumbing system may not function to its full potential. Consider a new sump pump or garbage disposal to make your plumbing system more convenient and efficient.

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The Importance of Regular Sewer Cleaning

Monday, April 6th, 2015

Few troubles with the components of your home or business are as frustrating as a major drain clog. When a drain clog affects a single tub, toilet, or sink, you may be able to loosen the clog with a plunger and a little bit of skill. But when the blockage is further along in the pipes, you have few options to turn to. Drain cleaning chemicals are toxic, and many do not reach clogs that are too far down in the pipes. And disassembling part of your sewer line to reach the clog is difficult, and, of course, rather unpleasant.

For clogs all the way down in the sewer line, professional sewer cleaning services always work best. In fact, you can schedule sewer cleaning every year or two as a way of preventing these inconveniences from occurring at all. See how drain cleaning works and why regular sewer cleaning is important for any home or business.

Hydro-Jetting Clears the Drains of Any Debris

Sewer cleaning not only rids the sewer line of drain blockage; it also keeps clogs from forming over time. Select professionals employ the use of hydro jetters for sewer cleaning. These are thin, long, flexible hoses which the plumber inserts into the pipes. The nozzle at the end of the hose shoots out highly pressurized water at all 360 degrees. The pressure of the water helps to blast away any “sludge” stuck onto the lining of the pipes, which may prevent clogs from forming any time in the near future. Hydro jetting is best for clog removal when used in conjunction with drain snakes and augers.

Drain Cleaning Is Vital for Commercial Properties as Well

On a commercial property, regular sewer cleaning can protect you from a major inconvenience, lost business, and even fines. If your business is found to be responsible for any drainage backing up onto public property, you may receive a hefty fine. Schedule sewer cleaning at your convenience so that you won’t have to worry about taking time out of your busy day to clean up any sewage backup and call for services.

Contact APC Plumbing & Heating for drain clog removal or preventive sewer cleaning and hydro jetting by professional plumber in Denver, CO.

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When Is the Ideal Time for Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

Air conditioning systems take on a large workload every year, and unless they receive routine maintenance services from professionals, they will rapidly wear down and need extra repair work—or even an early replacement. If you’re wondering when is the best time to arrange to have AC maintenance, the simple answer is now. Spring is the best time for an inspection and tune-up for your cooling system.

To make sure that your AC is in the best condition to handle the upcoming summer, call APC Plumbing & Heating. We will arrange for air conditioning maintenance service in Denver, CO. Our experience and skill will help you receive the most from your home’s air conditioner.

Spring is the Time for AC Maintenance

There technically is no “bad” time to schedule a maintenance visit for a home air conditioning system. If more than a year has passed since you last had a professional check over your AC and give it a tune-up, then you should call right away for maintenance before serious wear and tear set in. But in general, spring is when you want to have AC maintenance done each year.

Spring is an ideal time for maintenance work because it’s easy to fit into the schedules of HVAC technicians. The mild weather of the season means there are few heating and cooling emergencies to attend to, so technicians will be able to find a convenient time to arrange for maintenance.

Another reason to arrange for spring maintenance is that it gives your AC a jump on the summer heat without forcing it into a long stretch of inactivity when it can start to collect dust and dirt. With a proper inspection and tune-up right before the hot weather arrives, your air conditioning system will be in the best shape possible for the rest of the year.

Don’t think of AC maintenance as an “additional” service you can arrange to help your cooling system run a bit better. It’s a mandatory service if you want you air conditioning system to run at its best for the longest number of years. Neglecting maintenance will cost you money in higher cooling bills, more repairs, and an early break down. Call on APC Plumbing & Heating today and schedule your spring air conditioning maintenance in Devner, CO this spring, and every spring to come.

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